Bill & Marty Sturdivant

Bill and Marty Sturdivant come alongside in a two-fold ministry: Stateside, they serve locally in Rescue Mission ministry and secondly, have an overseas, itinerant ministry of teaching the Gospel to refugees in Europe who come mainly from Middle Eastern countries. They are privileged to come alongside the poor and broken of the world in local Rescue Mission ministry sharing God’s love in the proclamation of the Gospel. Bill and Marty both have the gift of evangelism and have been honored to see many people come to faith in Christ each year. When traveling overseas they gather interested refugees together for what Bill calls “Gospel Seminars” to help them understand exactly what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. It has been encouraging to see many refugees from around the world come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ. We are thankful for your generous gifts that make this work possible. Thank you and God bless you!
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