Chris & Kirsten Furr

*How did you hear about Paraclete?  Through two friends, Gary Wittevrongel and Dale Phillips, both Paraclete Associates who have deeply impacted our lives and ministries!
    • Before coming to Paraclete what was your work, ministry or service? We were church planters for 10 years in Paris, France during which time I served in mission leadership as a European regional director.  My current position (which started with our former agency) is as the director of East Mountain, UK, a missional community outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
    • What are your hobbies, or how do you relax? I love to hike and hill walk, explore old ruins, go on pilgrimage, read, do illuminated calligraphy and explore European villages with my wife.  
    • Tell us about your family. I have been married to my wife, Kirsten, for 20 years this Autumn.  We have three children, Maren (born in 2005 in North Carolina), Reece (born in 2008 in France) and Carlson (born in 2011 in France).  Our family  happily embraces 3 cultures:  America, France and now Scotland! 
    • How do you plan to serve as a Paraclete associate? I am the director of East Mountain, UK.  East Mountain is a community of worldwide missional communities (in the UK, USA and South Africa) which serve to help men and women take up their place in God’s Great Story.  We work with Christian leaders to help them connect to their God, to their own hearts and to each other.  We desire to be catalytic in a renewal and revival movement across Europe through renewed and revived Christian leaders. 
Specialty Areas
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