Dale and Carmen Phillips

We love to tell the stories of all that God has done in our lives. As children, growing up in Latin America, we both developed a huge love for missions. Serving for 10 years in Europe with our own children deepened our walk with God in a way we never imagined possible. Our stories are filled with joy and pain, but interwoven throughout is the constant thread of the grace of God. The more God works in us and shows us our own brokenness, the more his light shines through us. This truly is amazing grace. Out of what God has done in us, we now help facilitate a process called the Deep Community Experience. Deep Community is a four-phased experience that takes leaders and their communities toward the core of who God has designed them to be, resulting in grace-filled kingdom impact.

Having served in various international leadership roles for the past 20 years in the corporate and non-profit sectors, we also offer Clarity360 consulting to ministry teams in the areas of leadership and organizational effectiveness. We focus on helping ministry leaders discover, develop and implement their vision for gospel impact.

It is a privilege to travel to mission fields all over the world and walk alongside ministry leaders in their own personal transformation process, seeing God use our story to create a safe place for others in ministry.

Specialty Areas
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