David Emch

David grew up the son of a pastor and the nephew of three different missionary families. Being exposed to both local and global ministry from a young age, David felt the calling to go into the ministry himself. All through high school and college David was involved in ministry and once out of college started working at a church as a youth pastor, where he stayed for two and a half years. Recognizing that his gifting was in a different area, David went back to school to become a professional counselor. To finish his master’s degree David moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to complete his master’s level internship. In Chiang Mai, David worked at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation. Cornerstone exists to provide hope and healing to missionaries throughout Asia. In his role as an intern, David was able to come alongside both missionaries and their children to provide counseling as they found themselves struggling. This coming fall, David, will return to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Cornerstone Counseling Foundation, as a licensed professional counselor. David’s heart primarily lies with missionary children and adolescents. As such, he will spend a good bit of his time walking alongside of MK’s as they process issues such as third culture transitions, feelings of rootlessness, grief, and all of the other issues that children deal with.
Specialty Areas
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