Elizabeth Todd

Elizabeth invites Friends of Jesus to come alongside Muslims and Christians in the Middle East, finding ways to offer friendship, practical help, and an exchange of learning. Her experience shows that neighboring brings us closer to the heart of God. That changes how we think, pray, and serve.
With a Masters degree in Adult Education, Elizabeth has taught in colleges and adult learning centers in the U.S., Central Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. She’s seen adults reach personal and professional goals that prepare them to serve in challenged communities.
Through an organization based in Jerusalem, Elizabeth designs classes, teaches, and coordinates the online conversation partner program. These experiences are created to give authentic, high level conversation training, equipping learners to pursue graduate work or international work assignments. Learning happens, in part, through weekly video-chat conversations with American partners invested in their success.
Elizabeth draws from her 25 years experience teaching, learning, and volunteering to assist Christian training programs abroad. As she finds ways to improve teacher and volunteer satisfaction, retention, and performance, a program is better positioned to pursue its purpose.
Elizabeth was born and raised in western Oregon where she developed a love for large trees and a high tolerance for rain. She enjoys kayaking, reading, and learning something new.
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