Gary & Sandy Wittevrongel

We’re very excited to come alongside missionaries, mission teams and nationals with a message of grace, healing, and identity in Christ. While ministering in our previous mission agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was asked by a young believer, “What do you do here?” I told her it was easier to describe my effect than what I do. She asked, “Then what is your effect?”  I responded, “When I spend time with believers, they rise up and take their place in the Kingdom of God. Then, they outdo me in everything! That’s my effect.” With a smile she said, “That’s a good effect!” We had been working at the time as team leaders for a church planting team, but over the next several years, our mission organization recognized our effect was valuable for other missionaries and teams. They asked us to broaden our coaching audience. We are humbled and delighted by the results. Now, with Paraclete, we have an even broader scope of ministry.
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