Gil & Patti Carter

Gil and Patti Carter have served as international and domestic missionaries for more than 18 years. They have specialized in serving youth and families through Young Life’s International Schools Ministry and Military Youth Ministry. The Carters have served in Singapore, Belgium, Italy, and North America. Patti is working full-time in association with Paraclete Mission Group and is joined by Gil, who volunteers alongside her while continuing to work fulltime with Young Life’s (Club Beyond) Military Ministry. In their ministry years, Gil and Patti have observed that missionaries and pastors are under tremendous stress and pressure. They are frequently isolated and exhausted. They are often in need of encouragement, care, and support and have limited access getting the assistance they need. This has led to the development of Crossroads Mission Care, in association with Paraclete Mission Group. Patti has a Masters Degree in Counseling (M.Ed.) and years of clinical counseling. She and Gil seek to use those experiences in a variety of ways to support pastors, missionaries, and their families. Avenues of Service
  • Speaking for conferences, retreats, small groups, workshops, etc. about a variety of topics related to supporting and encouraging missionaries, pastors, and their families.
  • Building a network of churches, organizations, and individuals committed to meeting the needs of pastors and missionaries preparing to serve, currently serving, or returning from the mission field.
  • Providing soul care, counseling, and support for missionaries and pastors; and coordinate with others who can do so.
  • Acting as Triage for missionaries in need (assess, advocate, and facilitate meeting their needs)
  • Interfacing with sending agencies to identify needs and coordinate plans of care
  • Networking with individuals and groups who are willing to assist missionaries on furlough or in need of respite care (with housing, transportation, meals, and encouragement)
  • Building a network of “active status” missionaries who are serving in the same geographic regions, so they can have fellowship and support.
  • Building a network of Missionary Mentors (who are no longer “active status”) who can come alongside current missionaries to provide support, encouragement, and insight.
  • Building a web-based community to build awareness of missionary needs and provide access by churches, organizations, and individuals to help meet those needs.
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