Judyann & Mark Gallego-Leonard

Judyann, a licensed Clinical Social Worker, loves coming along side those who are overwhelmed, weary, wounded and need a “safe person” place. She finds much joy in facilitating her 3 day River Spiritual Spa for wives of pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders where they are lavished with love and connection. They find refreshment through experiential exercises, solitude, fun and deep sharing. She also works as a therapist at Shepherd’s Canyon retreats in AZ several times a year co-facilitating weeklong intensives for pastors and their wives in crisis. She loves volunteering as a counselor at retreats for global workers with Thrive and Azmera. Some of her experience includes being a counselor on military bases around the world with the Department of Defense and a professor at William Jessup University. Her husband Mark has a degree in horticulture and he enjoys helping missionaries with building projects and landscaping. He is skilled in construction, including several builds from the ground up.  He too has a heart for coming along side those in ministry and he enjoys encouraging them as well as meeting their physical needs. Together, Mark and Judyann serve with Life Impact Ministries subbing in Oasis houses for missionaries around the world. They love their various mission endeavors, combining her gifts in counseling and his gifts in service and mercy. They are grateful for the ways God continues to use them Individually and as a couple.
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