Ken & Ruth Van Kirk

Since the late 80’s, Ken and Ruth Van Kirk have served among indigenous peoples in Northern Mexico in church planting and community health. Ken and Ruth met at the Moody Bible Institute where Ruth studied music and theology and Ken was a Missionary Aviation major. In 2002, Ken graduated from medical school at the University of Chihuahua, MX and, as a family, became Mexican citizens soon after. Becoming a legal Mexican doctor allowed them to open a tribal work in the remote Copper Canyon region of Northern Mexico. Throughout the years, Ruth has been involved in one-on-one mentoring of team members, logistical administration, children’s and youth ministry, worship/music ministry and a period of teaching at a school for MK’s. Ruth finished her degree in Religion/Spanish in 2019 with Liberty University.
A ministry priority for Ken and Ruth has been to facilitate Latin American medical and other professionals into cross-cultural missions where they can serve beside a church planting team, assuming the integral ministry of meeting health and social needs while themselves making disciples. Over the years, the Van Kirks have seen God open communities, strengthen relationships and demonstrate His love through medical ministry.
Recently they have launched a training program called “Consiervos” (“The Bondservant Project”) for Latin American “deacon” missionaries. This missionary training and mentoring program will provide essential tools and understanding for professionals (medical, education, technical, contractors, etc.) and others interested in cross-cultural church planting work.
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