Linda Swanson

Our God, who doesn’t waste anything, is amazing! He has taken my history as a Mission Aviation Fellowship missionary, my experience at a retreat center for clergy, and my roles as a spiritual director, retreat speaker and organizer, writer and administrator and placed me with Paraclete to come alongside pastors, missionaries and people in my congregation and community.
  • As a spiritual director, I am able to come alongside people as they seek to go deeper in their relationship with God.  Skype allows me to have significant conversations with missionary women. My home is a safe place to meet with women from my congregation.
  • I’m involved in at least four types of retreat ministry.  My husband and I enjoy leading retreats for missionaries. We also lead marriage retreats for ministry and lay couples in the States and overseas. I sometimes travel with other organizations as speaker and volunteer staff to put on retreats for missionaries overseas. And, a few times a year, I lead a small team of women to put on retreats for missionary women. I’m thankful to be able to provide retreats that allow people to “come away with Jesus and get some rest.”
  • As a writer, I come alongside Paraclete, Thrive and Metro Community Church to assist with their publications. My blog, Journey in Process, gives me the opportunity to encourage and mentor women around the world.
God has blessed me with a place to serve that fits the gifts and experiences He has given me. I’m thankful for the people who pray and give so I can serve. What a wonderful God! What a wonderful team!
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