Margie Grant

I was raised in a Christian home, and made many decisions to follow Christ as a young girl, but never surrendered my will to God’s until I was twenty years old. That day, I wasn’t looking for God, but He came looking for me, and instantly, all the knowledge of Him I’d learned over the years moved 18 inches into my heart, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to accept Him as my Savior. I had been living a life of rebellion, and God radically changed my longings and desires to better align with His. Since that time He’s created in me a hunger for the Word and the desire to live out my faith authentically – inside the walls of my home as well as outside of them. He lovingly placed godly women in my path to teach, to mentor, and to witness their example as they lived their faith out-loud.
God has planted a passion for women in my heart, and a desire for them to discover His incredible love and the life changing Truths contained in the Word. He’s also instilled a passion for prayer, and is teaching me the importance of listening to Him while listening to others.
My husband and I had the privilege of serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship for 18 years. The first 14 were in Shell, Ecuador, where I served at the Nate Saint Memorial School as a teacher and later as the school’s administrator. The last 4 years were spent in Lesotho and Mozambique. In each location, I helped facilitate women’s Bible studies and had opportunities to listen to, mentor and pray with young women.
I had the pleasure of returning to Lesotho and Mozambique with Linda Swanson, and a team of women, putting on ladies’ retreats for the English speaking missionaries and ex-pats serving there. My roles on these teams were: retreat coordinator, small group leader, prayer partner, as well as helping with pampering and crafts.
Currently, I am serving on the women’s leadership team and the women’s teaching team at our church.
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