Rebecca Hopkins

Trained a journalist, shaped by my “third culture kid” upbringing, and honed during 14 years of serving in Indonesia, I enjoy moving into another culture or entering, with questions and a desire to listen, into a challenging conversation about a needed topic.

My own story started on an island—in Hawaii and took me through many transitions in my Army brat childhood as we moved from place to place. I became comfortable at being uncomfortable; at home with people who look different from me on the outside but who often share some of my deepest-held values; and a wanderer who also likes to grow roots as quickly as possible.

I attended Grove City College in Pennsylvania, earning a degree in Political Science with minors in Communications and Religion. I’ve worked as a volunteer Young Life leader, a newspaper reporter, writer and editor for a university, and a flight follower.

My husband had the idea to fly airplanes with a purpose so we moved to Indonesia to do relief flying in 2005 with Mission Aviation Fellowship. He flew marginalized and amazing people groups in interior, isolated Borneo. I was completely in, eager to live a life of depth and exploration and connection and service. I enjoyed getting below the surface to the heart of things, either during a homeschooling history lesson with my three kids, over tea with an Indonesian neighbor, or through my blog, Web, news and novel writing ( . I’m grown into a story-teller and a truth-seeker and a bridge-builder.

My 14 years in Indonesia taught me to live bravely, love deeply and express honestly the questions and curiosities and hopes within and outside of me.

Now, as I transition into Paraclete, and base in Colorado Springs, I’m most excited about:

  • Using my writing, journalistic methods and question-asking to invite dialogue among those who serve in ministry about how to do fulfill these roles well, ethically, and with best practices toward its employees and clients.
  • Using my writing and story-telling to feature ministries that are serving well, ethically, and in an honoring way, those who are marginalized.
  • Looking for opportunities to serve with (and further learn from) organizations that offer women’s retreats, training for women in ministry leadership, advocacy for TCKs, development of servants and voices from the Global South, and provision of safety and support for those in abusive situations.
  • Empathetically listening to and mentoring other women in cross cultural settings who are navigating the many complexities of balancing family life, cultural dynamics, homeschooling, ministry needs, dynamic environments, their values, energy levels, ethics and giftings in their various roles.
  • Listening to voices that feel unheard and stories that don’t seem to fit.
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