Regina & Jim Manley

An estimated 7 out of 10 people worldwide are oral learners! Regina is passionate about working with this great majority—reaching them with the Gospel and equipping them for ministry. Oral learners prefer to learn socially from friends, family, and teachers, from media like TV or radio, and experientially by observing and practicing. Many may read, but they have a strong preference for oral communication. As a storyteller, consultant, and coach, Regina works with groups who also envision reaching and working with oral learners. She helps ministries design communication, education and training geared for this great majority. Literate learners also benefit from these same practical approaches modeled by the master, Jesus. The result is better communication of the Gospel and training that can equip all believers to continue making disciples. Jim and Regina served 32 years with Mission Aviation Fellowship. For 17 of those years they ministered in Ecuador both in the Amazon Jungle and the Andes Mountains. Jim worked as a missionary pilot, and for the last six years in country, as the Ecuador Program Manager. Regina cared for their family of four children and ministered with women’s groups and Child Evangelism Fellowship. For five years she lead a high school team conducting evangelistic street drama. After assignment to MAF home staff in the US, Jim functioned as a webmaster and writer. Regina earned a Master’s degree in linguistics at Biola University, and then felt the Lord calling her to focus on equipping church leaders to minister to oral learners. She first trained using the Simply the Story method and led Bible Storytelling and Discussion workshops in 17 countries over the following six years. Next, she wrote and produced an audio/visual training course called StoryFire featuring four different storytelling models. It is available for free web download at . Currently Regina is pursuing a doctorate in curriculum development as she continues to consult with and coach mission and international church organizations working with oral learners. Jim conducts a writing ministry business focusing on reaching non-believing aviation and space enthusiasts. He writes magazine articles, blog posts, and is working on a novel as well. His website is
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