Sharon McElwain

Sharon McElwain has a heart for the Middle East. Beside the need for people to know the love of Jesus, women especially need a skill for empowerment and a way to feed their family. Sharon teaches the skills of quilting, finishing a baby quilt in 5 days. All the materials are left in country to be used by the class in future projects. When quilting is not the need, Sharon teaches English, normally in a month’s time period. Being trained as a Story Teller, Sharon tells short stories from the Bible, from creation to the resurrection of Jesus. Sharon wants to live and share the love of Jesus to all she meets. Coming alongside the Christian leaders with whom she is in contact, Sharon loves to encourage and help with ministry partner development. Starting ministry in Russia in 1992, she had served in many countries all over the world. From 03-09, Sharon lived in France serving with Cru ministering to the people of the Middle East, North Africa, and the “stan” countries. Now back in the US, God has blessed her with many ministry opportunities with people all over the world.
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