Steve & Laura Spinella

We have a passion to care for people in international ministry. We want to help people in international ministry to stay, flourish, and contribute.

What we do

When we’re not traveling or hosting people from around the world, we work on counseling and care assignments from Colorado Springs. We also like to bike, to snorkel (when possible,) and to walk. Laura likes to exercise and play the piano. Steve likes to read and to network.

When we’re with internationals, we like to listen to your stories and reflect together on how our journeys have overlapped or diverged. We’re happy to walk alongside you whether you’re adventuring, running errands, caring for kids, or doing your work.

When we travel, we’re happy to bring things for people, willing to spend time on our own when needed, and try to accept whatever situations we encounter along the way.

Our Background

We are in our early sixties. Laura and I got married in 1980 and have lived in Texas, New Jersey, Colorado and Taiwan. We have 3 adult children including two who are married. Laura was a computer programmer before we had our boys (twins). She’s also been on an international school board.

Steve’s roles have included counseling, research and development, and training. He worked with Mission Training International for six years, then became the Director of the Center for Counseling and Growth in Taiwan (1996-2010.) He has a related doctorate and is a licensed marriage and family therapist and AAMFT-approved supervisor. Steve served with the International Counseling Office for from 2010-2016, joining Paraclete in July 2015. Presently Steve accepts assignments as a global caregiver and consultant through Paraclete for the international ministry community.

We’ve had some challenges along the way, too. Steve lost a job in NJ in 1985 and just a year later we lost twins who were stillborn. In 1993 we lost Steve’s parents, both to terminal illnesses. In 1999, we experienced a very large earthquake in Taiwan. In 2009 Steve went through a year-long restoration journey to address issues of arrogance and unteachability raised by some of his TEAM coworkers. Laura’s mom lives near us in CO and we are part of her care network.”