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Health Concerns

Chronic illness, emergency surgery, unexpected injury…these unforeseen circumstances are a prayer concern for everyone. For the Paraclete team, being derailed by health issues can also mean a delay in training, or a missed opportunity for a personal spiritual encounter, or losing the chance to come alongside those who are desperate for Christ’s hope.

Paraclete has encountered an extraordinary amount of health care concerns these past few weeks: unexpected diagnoses of cancer, heart bypass surgery, ongoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment, or extended bouts with flu and other nasty viruses.

Please ask God to lay his healing hands on our team members. Please ask for intervention to combat illnesses that are out of control. And ask for His voice to be loud at times of physical uncertainties. Pray for those of us who serve — as well as those who we are trying to reach — that all are able to hold high Christ’s everlasting joy.

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