2018 - Paraclete Group

Mike reports from Malaysia

“My 12-year old daughter has epileptic seizures. They are violent and come out of nowhere. We’ve tried everything. Can you help us?” (A church school leader in Sungai Petani.)

“My wife has suffered from depression for nine years. We are traveling evangelists. Please pray for us!” (After a church service in Penang)

“I work at a church you preached at. I can’t tell anyone about my problem. But I have suffered for 20 years from this. Will God show you how to help me?” (A leader from Malaysia)

Each of these stories had an amazing ending. The daughter is now free from seizures, the evangelist is smiling and buoyant and the church leader found the answer she was looking for. And these are just a few of the changed lives that occurred during my two weeks in Malaysia this fall. The ministry of Inner Healing is a completely new concept for the believers in Malaysia. They are used to traveling prophets, evangelists, teachers and healers. In fact, each time I was introduced for the first time at a church, I had to politely redefine their expectations. Over my weeks there, I began hearing it referred to as “Healing of the Soul.” I like that name.

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