Paraclete 2015 Retreat

Sixty Paraclete associates and board members came together in late April from all over the US and around the world at the Navigator’s Glen Eyrie Conference Grounds in Colorado Springs!  Many came fresh from international ministry.  Our theme was “Connections,” an important concept for a group that ministers so far and wide. 

If you had been able to peek into one of our meetings, you would have found a group of amazing people who are powerfully connected to God and committed to using their energies to communicate Christ. I wish you c

ould have been with us to hear the stories of the important kingdom work God is doing through our growing band of faithful people.

Because we only get together every 18 months, we spent a lot of time sharing and praying for one another. It’s very meaningful for Paraclete associates to come alongside each other.  I came away, once again, convinced that God is using our people to change lives and bring about transformation all over the world!


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