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Paraclete Mission, Vision, and Values

In their last meeting, the Paraclete Board of Directors approved updated Mission, Vision and Values statements that direct, motivate and undergird everything that we do at Paraclete.  The new statements do not reflect a big change in direction for us, just a refinement and an adjustment in the language.  Taken together, we refer to our Mission Vision and Values as our Guiding Statements.  They guide us in what we do (Mission), what we hope to see as a result of our work (Vision) and the sort of people we strive to be (Values).

Our Mission

To come alongside Christian leaders around the world.

Our Vision

A flourishing global Church served by faithful, effective leaders.

Our Values


Action with Reflection


Excellence with Integrity

Heart for the Nations

The statements are backed up by more detailed guidance that we use for planning and evaluation.  You can find the detail at www.paraclete.net/About.  Of course, there is always an aspirational sense in statements like these.  We strive toward them, realizing that we will never fully attain them. 

Thanks for being a part of those strivings!

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