Ethiopia Girls Education/PinKGirl

Ethiopia Girls Education/PinKGirl provides Ethiopian young women with academic counseling, educational assistance, and life skills in order to successfully graduate high school and attend a university.

Paraclete associate Julie Field is the Executive Director of PinKGirl, an Ethiopian NGO. In keeping with Paraclete’s mission, Julie “comes alongside” local leaders promoting effective and Godly stewardship of resources as a model for business and ministry.


Around the world, girls face barriers to education that boys do not. When you educate a girl you will break the cycle of poverty in one generation.

  1.  An extra year of secondary school boosts a girl’s wages to 15-20% (World Bank)
  2.  Women who are educated are more likely to vaccinate their children. (UNICEF)
  3.  When a girl in the developing world receives 7 years or more of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children. (UN Population)
  4.  Children born to educated mothers are twice as likely to survive past age 5. (Make It Right)
  5.  When international development funds are allocated, less than 2 cents of every dollar is directed specifically for girls. (Coalition for Adolescent Girls)

Julie shares exciting news about PinKGirl Ethiopia:

“Today PinKGirl Ethiopia supports over 200 girls in Northern Ethiopia. Our success rate for the 2014-15 school year is 88% of our PinkGirls passed their exams promoting them to the next grade. All of our 12th grade PinkGirls passed the National Exam and will attend the university. As of January 2016, we have 40 girls in the Ethiopian national universities. 3 PinKGirls will graduate and earn  degrees in Public Health, Economics and Architecture.”