Garbage City Ministry

There are three areas of ministry on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. The people there collect garbage, sort it, and sell it to make a living. They live in unbelievable filth, and the needs are overwhelmingly great. This ministry has three buildings in three different areas that are used to teach Life Skills, Bible Study, sewing projects, kids’ programs, and ladies’ programs. Through the Bible Study and kids program, the people learn about Jesus and HIS amazing love for them. Most of the people do not read nor write. Thus they need to hear the stories of Jesus and God’s word. They learn things our children are taught at a very early age about forgiveness, kindness, compassion and practical lessons about health.

The Garbage City Ministry has a Pig Project where they give three pigs to a family, and in 6 months, after the pigs have multiplied, they give three pigs to another family. This is a way of creating funds for the family to buy food or needed medicines. Sewing projects help the ladies learn a new skill and hopefully a micro business to add income to their meager earnings. At the beginning of school, many of the children are given backpacks, pens, and booklets. On special holidays like Mother’s Day, the ladies are given a small gift. Special programs are given for Christmas and Easter. More valuable than the classes, the people are loved and told they have worth. Jesus Christ gave us the example to love your neighbor and give to the poor.