Missionary Women in Ghana

When we were in Ecuador, I would have given my “eye teeth” for a time of refreshment and ministry to my soul with other women who understood my life! Thrive (a ministry to women who serve cross-culturally) has asked me to speak, out of my 40 years of missionary experience, to missionary women who will come from serving all over the continent of Africa at a special retreat.  This is a volunteer opportunity and I need to raise the funds for the trip above our regular monthly support.

We will be meeting in Elmina, Ghana in late April and providing women serving cross-culturally with spiritual, emotional, and physical encouragement.  When I am not teaching the Word, I will spend time one-on-one encouraging, counseling and working in the pedicure room where we will pamper the ladies!  I love sitting at their feet, painting their toenails and hearing their hearts!  (On the volunteer team we also have hair stylists, massage therapists, counselors and color/make-up consultants!)

I need to raise $3,500.  God has already provided $1,000, through the sacrificial giving of another long-time missionary! The deadline is the first of April! The cost includes a scholarship for a missionary woman, something I appreciate, because we could not have afforded a retreat like this either!

If you’d like to follow what’s happening at the retreat on a daily basis from 4/29-5/2, check out http://thriveconnection.com/category/retreats/retreat-blog/.

“This project is fully funded.  Thank you!”