The Ministry Care Fund

When you give to the Ministry Care Fund, you show missionaries and ministry leaders that you support their calling and care about their lives. Your generosity matters in their everyday work and when the unexpected happens.

Missions and Ministry work is often demanding, traumatic, dangerous, and filled with unexpected financial burdens. You can help ministry leaders and missionaries by being there for them when they need help the most.

Your support is crucial to providing Paraclete Mission Group Associate, Jeff Lander, with scholarship funds to bless missionaries, pastors, para-church leaders, and ministry families (spouses and/or children) with important resources for a variety of needs on every level of ministry work. In his work, coming alongside ministry leaders, Jeff spends time listening to missionaries and ministry leaders who struggle with the various barriers to their work and make an effort to support and empower them to remain in their calling. To do so, often requires providing financial assistance or purchasing tools, equipment, or curriculum for ongoing training.

 The Ministry Care Fund provides a safeguard for missionaries and ministry leaders and their families by providing them with critical resources including, but not limited to:

  • Emergency Response Scholarships to assist with evacuations to help missionaries when they’re in danger.
  • Restoration Scholarships when the unexpected happens and time to heal is pivotal to their ability to remain in ministry (professional counseling, retreats, intensive missions care).
  • Re-entry Support Scholarships for providing debriefing and re-settlement transitions for international missionaries.
  • Medical Care Scholarships to keep missionaries/ministry leaders and their families physically healthy and addressing high risk/emergency costs.
  • Training & Leader Library Scholarships to equip missionaries/ministry leaders who don’t have adequate funding for additional training, purchasing books, or getting required certifications for ongoing leadership.
  • Technology Equipping Scholarships to provide new technology resources to missionaries/ministry leaders who need new laptops, cell phones, audio and video equipment, and evangelism/discipleship tools.


Most needed funds to-date: Scholarships for marriage or personal counseling and mental health retreats.