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The 2019 Summary of Ministries is Here!

We are thrilled that coming to your mailbox sometime soon is the 2019 Paraclete Mission Group Summary of Ministries. If you just can’t wait, you can take a peek here!


Collecting the stories, numbers and photos that make up this report always brings me a sense of joy at how the Lord is using Paraclete associates in the building of his Kingdom! It amazes me to hear the hope and enthusiasm in the voices of transformed people and energized disciples. I am grateful to be part of the process, to be witness to the wonderful things that happen when we encourage and serve each other.

I am humbled to realize the kind of people I get to work with! Here are a few examples of what that crossed my desk this year as I reviewed client feedback about Paraclete associates: “Kindred sister.” “Great team player.” “High quality teacher.” “One of the best facilitators we ever had.” “Just what we needed.“ “A healing balm to my aching heart.” “I prayed for 25 years that someone like you would come into my life.”

Paraclete Mission Group associates are greater in number, more experienced, serve in more countries, and work in more disciplines than ever before! As you read through this Summary of Ministries, you’ll hear more voices from those who have been impacted. We hope this encourages you, that you see your part in this impact when you give, pray or encourage, and that you know how much stronger we are when we come alongside each other — with joy.

Thank you for your part in helping thousands of people to experience God’s joy!


Glen Volkhardt


Download the 2019 Summary of Ministries

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