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Traveling Mercies

A partner organization that is working in Africa hosted a preaching training session in January, just a few kilometers away from where Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed — one participant lost a family member on the flight. Here in the United States, highways are closed and airports are cancelling flights due to epic winter storms. And in the midst of this, Paraclete Mission Group Associates keep moving onward, boarding flights and hopping buses to regions of the world that time has forgotten but God has not.

Please continue to pray for Paraclete associates as they move forward in their important work. Ask God to protect them as they travel, to give them clarity for when they don’t need to travel, and to keep them safe so that their work bears bountiful fruit for the kingdom. Please pray for comfort to families who are anxious about a loved one who may be traveling this week.

Please also give praise to God when you hear news of people who have been reached. Be thankful that safe travels for these associates has meant that lives are touched in the name of Christ.

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