Kathie Carlson

Kathie Slusser Carlson is an associate with Paraclete Mission Group, coming alongside ministries around the world to develop transformational discipleship and leadership training, and to bring emotional, relational and spiritual health to missionaries and ministry leaders. Kathie serves multiple mission organizations as a speaker, presenter, and trainer of trainers, and provides personal counseling to Christian leaders. She has almost 25 years of work and ministry experience as an education specialist, curriculum developer, team manager, and member care provider with agencies such as Mission Aviation Fellowship, Aphesis Group Ministries, Accessible Hope International, Launch Ministries, and International School Project, as well as multiple churches. She also taught secondary English and journalism for eight years and worked as Director of Communications for an international corporation.

Kathie holds a BA in English and an MEd in Educational Technology. She has partnered with national and international ministries, and worked with multi-cultural teams in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East as an instructional designer and learning strategies facilitator to support church leaders in physically, ideologically, and emotionally isolated contexts. Her passion is to see God’s people thrive in the callings God places on their hearts and lives. She and her husband Brad live happily in Boise, Idaho.  

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