Rick & Pam Miller

Rick and Pam have served in ministry together since meeting on staff with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ). Ministry assignments with CRU included campus staff at San Diego State, Ohio State, Keynote (the Music Ministry), and Student Venture (the High School Ministry). Rick served on staff with World Relief and Youth for Christ and has consulted over 50 organizations including Evangelical Missions Information Service, Presbyterian World Mission, and Living Bibles International. Rick and Pam are commissioned missionaries of their home church. Rick’s involvement included discipleship team, multi-site selection team, and music. He also served on the governing board. Pam has also been a music teacher at four Lutheran elementary schools and the concert band instructor at Lutheran High School, Indianapolis. Rick’s expertise is ministry management in the areas of event promotion, development, and marketing communications. Career highlights include orchestrating the cooperation between Youth For Christ, Student Venture (CRU), Campus Life Magazine and Sparrow Records for mobilizing a national network of church youth workers in evangelism and leadership training; and promoting and recruiting participants for an evangelistic outreach from Moscow, Russia, that was broadcast to 200 million viewers. Rick and Pam are currently assigned to work with Pacific Bridge Missions – A Mission Advancement Partnership with Calvary Chapel Bible College Kauai (CCBCK), Congregations, Families, and related Global Partners. See below:
  • A Pacific Rim/Asia Missions Outreach in cooperation with global partners and a Bible College extension program.
  • The first weeks are spent both in the classroom, and in the community. This is a time for learning, orientation, forming mission team bonds, planning, and preparing.
  • Participants take Bible classes, electives, and topical courses. Included are missions practicum and missions preparation, designed to prepare participants for the upcoming outreach.
  • The final weeks take us on a missional outreach in Asia. The itinerary will vary depending on the time of year and includes a circuit through countries such as the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Macau (China), and others. The term includes 1-2 weeks in each location, depending on the team schedule and the needs in each location.
  • Our host church is Calvary Chapel Lihue, Pastor Bruce Baumgartner, and Michael Ancheta, Director of CCBCK. Apartments, hotels, and host families are available during training. Calvary Chapel Bible College Kauai (CCBCK) is an extension of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA.
  • STRATEGIC VISION: Rick and Pam Miller are engaged in contacting churches, families, and others who desire to grow and send disciples into missions. They contact pastors and church leaders with the goal of appointing a couple in a church or area who serve as facilitators for forming missions outreach trips in global partnership with Pacific Bridge Missions and CCBCK.
Paraclete associates raise funds to cover the cost of their ministry. Most associates are supported workers, which means that they also raise funds for a salary that is capped by the Paraclete Board of Directors.Paraclete separately accounts for donations preferenced for a specific ministry. The organization uses ten percent of all preferenced donations to cover shared expenses.
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