Ministry Highlight: David & Debbie Bochman

by Glen Volkhardt
CEO, Paraclete Mission Group

Paraclete Associates David and Debbie Bochman

This month I’ll highlight the ministry of associates David and Debbie Bochman. They were the first candidates that Shelly and I processed into Paraclete. They had a long career with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and David was completing his dissertation for a PhD in Organizational Development. Their first major Paraclete client was Aphesis, a ministry of healing memories called Untying the Knots of the Heart. David served as office manager for a few years, and Debbie was their accountant. As a couple, the Bochmans lead Aphesis groups in the U.S. and abroad, and train Aphesis leaders. More recently, David has been teaching in a unique MA program with Development Associates International that serves approximately 1,000 students in 18 countries. The curriculum is built around Biblical Servant Leadership. This month David is taking on responsibilities for DAI in the role of Academic Dean. He will still be teaching. Here are some comments from Sri Lankan students in a recent course titled Integrity in Finance:

  • Thank you for an amazing journey of learning and growing. You’ve been the best facilitator I’ve had….
  • Thank you so very much for being a caring guru!
  • Thanks very much…. One day I will not remember the grading, but what I will remember is the direction you pointed me in and the change in mindset I have had….
  •  …many things are beginning to change in me. The Lord has been convicting about a few things that we need to re-adjust in our financial system. I’m just so thankful for this course.
  • I would like to say that Dr. David was an example to me personally. His concern and care for students, his willingness to help at all times, his integrity as I watched him closely, gave me an impetus to do the course.

Paraclete Mission Group is honored to work alongside these amazing leaders! 

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