2018 - Paraclete Group

Great Times for Coming Alongside


This time of year the weather news is filled with terms like “Alberta Clipper” and “Polar Vortex”. It is beautiful if you can stay indoors! This morning in Colorado Springs we have hoar frost covering everything. I looked up the term to make sure I had it right, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m seeing out my window. It happens in a unique set of circumstances when tree branches and other frost collectors are well below freezing and when there is enough humidity to form frost, but not enough to form ice. You’d think that would hardly ever happen!

Conditions also have to be just right for Paraclete’s come-alongside ministry to take place. We always look for a partner. We wait for an invitation. We leave when we are done. But Paraclete associates stay busy, and get invited back! Associates, Tom and Bonnie Kopp, got this note from the bishop of a Zambian denomination… “Our business meeting went on very well, and we saw how the word you shared about missions worked in our progressive decisions… God willing we are looking forward to inviting you again.”

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