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More Than Code

When is technology and software development more than just writing JavaScript or developing the latest app? When it’s helping those drawn to technology understand how to use their skills to grow the kingdom of God. Paraclete Mission Group associates Scott and Ulrike McConnell share here how their passion for technology translates into reaching young people for Christ through technical training.


“As we look back over the past few months, we are amazed at all the Lord has done, and we are very grateful for the many confirmations we have received in serving LightSys Technology Services through Paraclete Mission Group. LightSys partners in the Great Commission by providing missions and missionaries with free-of-charge IT consulting, IT training, software and app development, and missions mobilization, so that the body of Christ can serve more effectively.

“We spent three weeks of March with LightSys to facilitate their Spring Break Code-a-Thon for Missions. Forty-six students participated for a week each over a three-week period, developing software for projects submitted by a variety of other mission organizations to solve real-world issues. Many of our responsibilities with LightSys will be to refine and develop programs that direct this enthusiasm into longer-term ministry, through internships and career options, for computer science and information technology students and graduates.

“After five weeks of connecting with supporters in western states, we arrived in Colorado Springs the fourth week of May to assist LightSys with the summer internships. We are thankful for many wonderful visits and 6,580 miles safely driven! Currently, we are coming alongside Greg Beeley (Co-founder and CEO) and Dorinda Beeley (Director of Mobilization), taking on some tasks that will lighten their load while we learn more about LightSys and its culture. Please pray for our awareness and sensitivity.

“This summer we will send updates on our work with LightSys’ five interns as they assist various ministries. Thank you so very much for your encouragement and prayers!”

Learn more here about associates Scott and Ulrike McDonnell, or donate now to their ministry.

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