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More than numbers

I have a privileged position that allows me to see the work of all Paraclete associates.  Recently I prepared a summary of Paraclete ministry, gathering information about what our associates are doing, where they are going, and the feedback they are getting.  The task has been daunting, but a blessing; Daunting because Paraclete associates are doing so many different types of ministry in so many different places;  A blessing because no one else gets to see the breadth and depth of their results like I do. Here are a few number-examples we have compiled from the last two complete years, 2012 and 2013:

Missionaries and other Global Christian Workers who were…
2012 2013
Counseled, mentored, coached or discipled:    2,267 1,375
Taught in churches, seminars and classrooms: 5,332 3,354

…and a note from a missionary couple in the Dominican Republic touched by Paraclete associates, written after a week-long soul care conference: “What a gift it has been to hear your words—and the words of our Lord this week!  Your authenticity and vulnerability are a real blessing.  In our experience, missionaries tend to be independent and self-reliant.  We miss out by not being vulnerable—thank you for your example!”

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