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July is prime vacation time for many.  A part of Paraclete’s ministry to the global missions community is to bring refreshment.  Many kingdom workers are in situations that make a traditional vacation difficult.  A visit from a Paraclete associate, can make all the difference in the world, like it did for this missionary couple in Nepal.  “I can’t begin to express how encouraging and refreshing it was to have you come out to visit and serve us. Thank you so much for your life of ministry and sharing it with us. What a blessing!”

Many missionaries have the best chance for refreshment when they visit their homeland.  Paraclete associates meet with many dear kingdom workers while they are on “furlough.”  One associate couple got this note after hosting long-time missionaries to Asia in their home.  “Thank you for the many stimulating conversations.  We both felt our bonds had deepened.  It is such a blessing to be on this journey together ‘going to see the King’ and taking as many people as possible into the Kingdom of God.  The bonds of love between us are deep, and we feel one hearted with you.”

However it happens—via international travel, hosting missionaries, training sessions, Skype counseling, and many other avenues—Paraclete is all about coming alongside kingdom workers.

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