2018 - Paraclete Group


Last month, I spent 12 days in Portugal to help host a retreat for North American women serving cross-culturally in Africa and Europe. Sixty women joined our team of thirty volunteers. They came tired, discouraged, and some, even frightened. They left encouraged, rested and renewed because they’d had a chance to worship in English with women who get their life, listen to wonderful teaching, meet with our counselors and prayer team, and enjoy being pampered by our pedicure and massage and haircutting teams.

In my small group of six women, six countries and six different types of ministries were represented. All the women in my group had stateside family concerns. Their roles ranged from church planters and educators, to running a camp for kids, working to rescue abused women and children, and caring for like-minded women serving all over the muslim world. I was inspired by their bravery and their willingness to follow wherever Jesus leads-even when it means lack of comforts I take for granted like water and cheese.

It was such a privilege to serve them! I can only share a photo of my small group’s feet as security concerns did not allow us to take face shots. Aren’t their feet beautiful? So are my teammates hands. They went to love and serve those who live their lives for others. (Linda Swanson)

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